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'We launched our engine'

As the founders of TV App Agency we are pleased to officially launch our 'develop once / deploy to many' cross platform TV app Engine to enable brands, agencies and developers to quickly and cost effectively create native TV apps for deployment across multiple smart TV's. We see smart TV as the next big growth area with the global reach of smart TV's hitting 120 million by 2014 and as such consumers are going to be keener than ever to personalise their viewing habits by downloading relevant TV app content to interact with and watch as they see fit. The development of the TV app now allows brands to enter the living room on the main screen for relatively low costs and who knows we could even see the local newspaper or pub disseminating content onto our TV screens in the not too distant future. We'll be interested to see how things develop and invite you on the journey with us.

Andy Eardley & Bruno Pereira, Co-founders, TV App Agency